Tamper Proof Irrigation Metering – We’ve been doing it for years!

It’s timely to remind the industry that our Emflux Flow meters are renowned for their robust, tamper proof design and reliable operation. We’ve been serving the irrigation industry across Australia for well over 35 years with the following achievements:

25,000 +   Remote Irrigation Metering Sites

10,000 +   Sites equipped with automated water control gates

5,000 +     Connected to remote data telemetry systems

10,000 +   Manual Read Installations

99%             Uptime Data Recovery from Installed Base

Here’s how we can help:

  • Supply drop in replacement for non-compliant or unreliable mechanical, or doppler style water meters
  • Ensure tamper proof accurate metering
  • Provide remote communications to report water use in “Real Time” including unlicensed pumping or water theft incidents
  • Restore confidence in water usage and compliance reporting for all stakeholders including those Irrigators operating within their licence conditions
  • Ensure accountability and transparency of water usage for landholders and the wider community
  • Local regional support for infield meter service and verification to maximise operating life
NSW Water Reform Action Plan

NSW Government’s Water Reform Action Plan

Welcome Aboard Aquamonix Integrated Solutions!

Darren Humphties as General Manager

Aquamonix Appoints Darren Humphris as General Manager