Aquamonix installs flood warning stations near Emerald

Our Brisbane project team recently installed and upgraded a number of flood warning stations for Central Highlands Council near Emerald in Central Qld.  The stations provide early warning of heavy rainfalls and river level rises which can impact road traffic and farming activities in the Arcadia Valley area.

The stations are based on the Bureau of Meteorology ELPRO ALERT technology which sends automated reports whenever heavy rainfall or river rises are occurring.  The River stations are built on a raised 3m platform and use dedicated radio communications to provide accurate and reliable operation through extreme flood events.

The Council actively promotes community engagement in these projects via education and training sessions.  In the  photo a local school group is being shown the new station by members of the Aquamonix project team Luke Hall and Michael Hann.

Emerald flood warning stations

Emerald flood warning stations


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