The largest end-insert flowmeter ever made

Aquawest recently awarded Aquamonix the contract for the supply of the largest end-insert flowmeter ever made.  The flowmeter is a 1620mm OD and is large enough to swallow a man.

The reason this meter was selected for the application is that it will be:

  • Cost effective to install with minimal infrastructure changes – this is the beauty of the end-insert flowmeter
  • Significantly cheaper and lighter than an equivalent size flanged meter
  • Can be supplied quickly to help meet critical deadlines for flowmetering
  • Minimises headlosses through the flowmeter
  • Complies with NSW Water logger and telemetry requirements
  • Delivers the sort of accuracy which is expected of a mag flow meter.

The Milperra team are looking forwards to detailed design, manufacture and calibration of the meter over coming weeks.  The team is just wondering who they will feed to the meter when it’s complete.

Large end-insert meter

Large end-insert meter

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