Whiteman Park installs RainMAN irrigation control

Located on the doorstep of the Swan Valley and reputed to be the largest metropolitan park in the world, Whiteman Park is a comfortable 20 min drive from the Perth City Centre.  The Whiteman Park precinct covers nearly 4,000 hectares of pristine bushland, and is home to 1000’s of Kangaroos and other uniquely Western Australian fauna.

Having operated RainMAN stand alone controllers for more than 10 years, the Park moved to a new RainMAN Cloud Based Central Control System at the end of last financial year, ensuring the latest and most advanced irrigation management technology is efficiently deployed at the site.

Upgrading the existing sites and adding a few new ones, the parks water supply network and irrigation system is now monitored and controlled by Australian RainMAN technology. The transition was undertaken seamlessly at the end of summer with no lost scheduling time.  Another advantage of the RainMAN CCS technology is that it incorporates the water saving ET Management software which ensures that Council optimises their use of precious water resources.

System overview:

  • RainMAN 24VAC and 2-wire controllers with SCADA Connectivity
  • RainMAN RiC Wireless Controllers for small remote sites
  • Cellular communications layer, hosted by Aquamonix
  • Cloud based RainMAN Central Control System hosted by Aquamonix
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Aquamonix to showcase at IAL conference & exhibition in Sydney

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Aquamonix proudly welcomes the ‘City of Perth’ to the RainMAN family!

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Aquamonix deploys new innovative wireless irrigation control in the city of Perth!

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