EMFLUX end-insert explainer video

The EMFLUX flowmeter team have just released an explainer video to illustrate how the end-insert flowmeter will help installers save a heap of time and money when it comes to installation of pattern approved flowmeters. Installation of a traditional flange-flange meter on an existing outlet could take a team of 3 – 4 people 2 – 3 days due to the excavation required, and the need to cut and modify pipework.

The EMFLUX range of end-insert meters are lighter, cheaper and can be installed by a team of two typically in 1 day. They take all of the hassle out of a metering installation. Our explainer shows how they slide back inside a pipe and simplify the whole installation process. Not only that, but you can also be assured that as the only flow meter designed and built for the Australian environment, that they are built to last in our extreme conditions.

Check it out and find out how the end-insert can make Paul’s life heaps easier!


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