HYBRID AG Controller

Introducing the HYBRID AG Control and Monitoring System. Monitor and Control irrigation systems, pumps, storage, filters, fertigation and other critical infrastructure with ease.

The HYBRID AG combines the powerful and proven technology that has made the RainMAN control system the first choice of professional irrigation managers for more than twenty five years. It combines rugged field proven hardware with the ease of a web based remote management platform that you can log into anywhere, anytime, or via our handy mobile app.

No Computer Required
The HYBRID AG’s onboard web server allows users to access the system via a simple web browser, removing the need for a dedicated computer.

Import and Export Data
The HYBRID AG displays historic alarms, the current status for each watering station, and can send these via SMS or email. External data such as weather can easily be imported into the system.

Onboard Cellular Modem
The HYBRID AG on-board modem enables web connection anywhere there is a cellular signal. Other connection methods are also available.

Internet of Things Ready
If enabled, the HYBRID AG connects the Internet of Things via an onboard LoRaWAN Gateway (a wireless hub) that collects simple data to be used by the controller exported to a third party dashboard.

Input Based Management
The HYBRID AG features on-board scheduling software that can interact with a range of site based or remote environmental inputs such as water flow, pressure, weather, and soil data.

Solar or AC powered
The HYBRID AG can work with AC or solar power sources. The available power supply will determine the available control methods. (Solar can be used for DC Latching or Wireless Systems).

2-Wire Decoder Networks
The AGRtonick 2-wire Decoder system connects to a large number of actuators and read a large number of sensors on the 2-wire path. It can also operate in conjunction with the RainWAN wireless system.

Wireless IoT Networks
The RainWAN LoRa Wireless network connects to a large number of actuators and can read a large numbers of sensors. It can also operate in conjunction with the AGRItonick 2-wire system.

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