RainMAN iC Rain

The RainMAN iC Rain uses sophisticated software to gather data from individual raindrops. It senses water hitting the outside surface using beams of infrared light. It will measures both rain accumulation and rain intensity, and will interrupt the scheduled watering after a preset amount of rainfall is detected. It then calculates evaporation from a preset rate before allowing irrigation to restart.

Works Fast

Unlike conventional absorbent-disk style rain sensors, the RainMAN iC Rain interrupts the watering cycle during a downpour, even before water accumulates.


With no moving or perishable parts it is far more rugged, sensitive and reliable than any other technology. It’s compact and easy to install, sealed and impervious to corrosion, insects, or fouling from leaves or debris.

Easy to Use!

The RainMAN iC Rain is supplied pre-wired as a Rain Switch and will fit to any controller. It can also be ordered in a rain gauge version for use with the RainMAN Control System.

Input Voltage: 10-30 VDC or 10-26VAC, 50v surge, reverse polarity protected to 50v

Output Signal: Relay closure, N/O and N/C contacts, max load 1A, 24VDC

Current Drain: 15mA nominal, 1.5mA in sleep mode, and up to 50mA with output on

Temp Range: -400 c to + 600 c

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