GateKeeper Automated Standpipe System

The GateKeeper Automated Standpipe System will measure and report WHO took water, WHEN it was delivered and HOW MUCH, then it processes, stores, and uploads the data to a secure cloud server using the cellular network.

Flow and metering control

An accurate, full bore Electromagnetic Flow Meter is used to record instant and totalised flow even at very low velocities. The industrial grade Control Valve is ideal for robust use and has a low head loss.

  • Sizes DN40 through to DN300
  • Flange options are AS4087 PN16, (DIN or ANSI Flanges available on request)

Data retrieval

The system is equipped with a robust, reliable and easy to use data logger that incorporates a cellular modem. The data read and upload frequencies are user definable and data plans can be tailored to specific requirements.
The Data recorded can include:

  • Total volume taken
  • ID of token
  • Time and date stamped

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