PSU Transformer Power Supplies

The Aquamonix range of power supplies are marketed globally under Tonick Watering.

We manufacture a range of region specific power transformers and invertors for use with the Tonick range of decoder translators. These are both efficient and economical and will ensure that your decoder system operates at its optimum functionality.

The PSU Transformer Power Supplies is a heavy duty encapsulated AC/AC adapter for use with Tonick decoder translators. 24VAC irrigation power supply.

  • AC 230V 50Hz input
  • A 24VAC irrigation power supply
  • Internal thermal fuse, in windings
  • Double insulated cable
  • Black casing with 4 mounting points


  • Unloaded voltage AC 28.6V ±5%
  • Loading voltage AC 26V ±5%
  • Supply current UP TO 1.3A
  • Primary winding 57Ω ±10%
  • Secondary windings 1.50Ω ±10%
  • 100MEG OHM insulation of primary to secondary as 500VDC
  • Internal 130°C thermal fuse


  • Operation – 50°C maximum surface temperature
  • IP68 enclosed
  • 130°C thermal fuse cut-off
  • Convection cooling, no fan

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