Lighting and Asset Control Module

Lighting control system, Australia - The Aquamonix Facilities Module manages lighting, BBQs and other facilities at local parks, reserves and sporting areas. This module can be used as an extension to a Aquamonix Controller or networked to the Aquamonix Central Control System.

The Facilities Module works with field controllers at each site to:

  1. Control access to facilities on a 7-day time based schedule. This is done by enabling/disabling the electrical circuit that powers the facility.
  2. Log usage details for each facility for reporting purposes. The usage is recorded as a time period and also optionally as a kWh reading (requires kWh meters).

Access to facilities can easily be assigned to organizations simplifying usage and billing processes.

Applications include:

  • Municipal Park Assets Management
  • Sports Field Assets Management
  • Botanic Gardens Assets Management
  • Security Lighting
  • Power Monitoring
  • Gate control

Whatever your application there is an Aquamonix Controller to suit your requirements.  Consult the Control Solutions Product Guide for standard formats, special builds are available on request for smart irrigation. Or click here  to contact us.



  • Billing Approved Power Meters
  • Logs power and duration usage
  • Shuts down facilities outside of schedule
  • Remote Scheduling
  • Remote monitoring


  • Stops lights being left on
  • Cuts down on energy wastage
  • Saves Money
  • Prevents unscheduled usage
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Easy to Use
  • Long term reliability

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