Driven by Australia’s changing climate, natural hazards are becoming increasingly frequent and intense, with no person or place immune to disasters or disaster-related losses. For real-time disaster management, there is no replacement for simple and accurate visualisation of a high-risk site. 

Aquamonix have a range of flood cameras available with over 100 sites operating throughout Queensland. Our range of flood monitoring cameras include the below features:

  • Disaster dashboard integration
  • Live control
  • Time and water level-based capture
  • Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) - 360-degree vision
  • Static
  • Infra-red (IR) night imagery
  • Smart analytics - detection, recognition, tracking
  • Level and flow measurement
  • Rapid deployment units

We are the experts in robust and field proven camera solutions which are suitable for a variety of applications. Contact us to discuss which flood camera is most appropriate for your needs.