Parks & Open Space

Parks & Open Space

Green areas in the urban environment play a huge role in reducing the effects of global warming by creating a cooling effect. According to a study done in a densely urbanised area in Lisbon, they found that the garden was cooler than its surrounding areas. They also have many other benefits including reducing energy use by providing shade therefore minimising the use of air conditioners, improve air quality, improve quality of life by proving an aesthetic value, and many more.  

However, watering large areas requires large amounts of water. In fact, irrigation is the largest water user and accounts for 70% of freshwater usage. With water resources becoming scarce due to climate change, finding the right irrigation solutions has never been more important.

Aquamonix can help by providing irrigation control systems that deliver irrigation to the right locations at the right time. Our irrigation automation systems have the capability to design an optimum irrigation schedule allowing you to minimise water use and maximise community amenity and urban cooling benefits. We bring the power of local weather forecasts, soil moisture modelling, grass agronomy and existing network flow and irrigation data to deliver an optimum 7-day irrigation schedule.

There are two levels of sophistication we can offer:

  • 1 Replace the moisture from the previous day. In the event of local rain, this will be negated.
  • 2 Provide an optimal schedule using the BOM 7-day weather forecast

With a proven track record in the provision, calibration, and ongoing support of Automated Weather Stations (AWS) Aquamonix has the pedigree required to deliver your end-to-end weather data application.

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