Data Loggers

Our range of powerful and reliable data loggers will integrate with a wide range of sensors and other equipment.
From simple USB style loggers to heavy duty WMO suitable loggers, there is an Aquamonix solution for any application.

Web Logger

The Aquamonix Web Logger is a new generation GPRS Uplink & Data Logger, a wireless endpoint that is a revolutionary integrated monitoring solution.
Connect the Web Logger to any compatible device where there is mobile phone coverage and you can instantly monitor data continuously.
The Web Logger is available in a low cost battery powered version with ultra long life batteries, and fully potted for ease of installation, or is available in a Solar Powered version with long life Li-Ion Batteries for more permanent installations


The APIO provides a flexible solution platform for a wide range of monitoring and control applications.
It allows management of remote systems either from its on board processor (local control), from a master base station (remote control), or from easy to use web based applications (cloud control).
The APIO unit can provide fully automated monitoring and control of remote stations, as well as bring peace of mind for owners and operators by allowing them to monitor and manage equipment from the palm of their hand via web based applications on their tablet or phone.