Remote Soil Moisture Monitoring Solutions

Remote Soil Moisture Monitoring Solutions

Soils are an important part of the natural environment. Their properties influence the types of plants and animals that thrive and the ways in which we use them. Soils help maintain the quality and supply of water and play a key role in carbon and nutrient cycles.

Australia has ancient soils that are complex. They are typically low in organic matter and nutrients and are susceptible to erosion. Combine this with a changing climate and increasing pressure to produce more food and fibre and the challenges to successful management of our soils are very real.

Soil solutions

Aquamonix is committed to helping growers, governments and industry manage their land use through market leading technology and platforms.

We integrate

  • A wide range of probes that can measure soil moisture, volume, temperature and salinity
  • Cutting edge telemetry and IoT topologies
  • Profiling solutions that ensure irrigation events deliver water to the root zone of the plants
  • Evapotranspiration monitoring for crop water use optimisation and water balance applications
  • Industry leading data platforms and control solutions


  • Integrated irrigation control systems
  • EnviroSCAN soil data probes
  • Drill and drop probes
  • Temperature sensors
  • Thermal cameras