Aquamonix PivotMAX

Aquamonix has released the PivotMAX, an advanced management platform for large quantities of centre pivot and lateral move irrigators. With the ability to function with any brand or size of machine, the PivotMAX can interface with a wide range of ancillary equipment like pumps, gensets, valves, filters and fertiliser injectors. This platform can read and delay data from flow meters, pressure sensors, soil moisture probes, rain sensors, and weather stations. The PivotMAX is one platform for many applications.

The innovative PivotMAX control panel features solid state technology and is designed to operate in the harshest of environments.

  • Simple to use keypad, and daylight readable screen for ease of operation
  • Ready for local connectivity via radio, cellular or sat link
  • Advanced scheduling and control
  • Auxiliary outputs
  • Inputs ready for RainSwitch, flow meter or weather station
  • RainWANready, actuate and sense peripheral devices using LoRa wireless network
  • Simple add on to any PivotMAX panel
  • Enables wireless LoRa network around base
  • Line of sight range is +8km
  • Bi-directional, secure and encrypted
  • Monitor simple data
  • Flow
  • Pressure and level
  • Soil moisture
  • Control basic equipment (DC latching)
  • Valves
  • Filters
  • Pumps and Fert injection
  • Relays
  • No ongoing fees
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