Snaplock Cable Connectors

The Aquamonix range of 2-wire cable and connectors are marketed globally under Tonick Watering.

At the heart of every good 2-wire system are quality cable and cable connectors. Tonick Waterings have a range of solutions specifically designed for use with our decoder systems.

Our Snaplock Cable Connectors are a new generation of watertight, direct bury cable connectors suitable for most cable sizes.

  • Silicone sealant for watertight connection
  • Mechanical leaver to lock cables in place for a secure join
  • Cable strip length indicator for correct wire length terminations
  • Wide range of cable sizes supported
  • Suitable for both solid core and stranded wire


  • Supports low voltage installations only 30V max.
  • Maximum 10A

Variants Wire Guide


  • 3 x Min AWG 20 Max AWG 16


  • 2 x Large Hole Min AWG 14 Max AWG 12
  • 1 x Small Hole Min AWG 20 Max AWG 16


  • 3 x Min AWG 14 Max AWG 10

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