DIAS Decoder in a Solenoid

The Aquamonix range of 2-Wire Decoders is marketed globally under Tonick Watering.

Our 2-wire and wireless products can be used in various industries and tailored to specific project needs. All our 2-wire decoder systems and 2-wire irrigation controllers can be applied to a wide range of applications including irrigated agriculture, commercial landscapes, water infrastructure, smart cities and golf and sports turfs.

The innovative DIAS Decoder-In-A-Solenoid combines a 2-wire decoder and solenoid into one easy to use product.

  • Reduces number of field wire connections by 50%
  • A multi-coloured LED that provides feedback, reducing troubleshooting time
  • Compatible with most major brands of valve
  • Compatible with all Tonick based 2-wire controllers and converters
  • Can operate over longer distances, with a larger number of concurrent active stations
  • No grounding necessary along the 2Wire path
  • Built-in powerful protection from lightning surges
  • Can re-use existing wiring, will tolerate earth leakage on 2-wire path
  • ‘Out of the box’, works as a normal 24VAC solenoid with ultra-low current
  • 3-way version for master valve and agricultural applications
  • Compatible with the N/T series decoders and sensor decoder range including soil moisture, flow and pressure
  • Re-addressable

Diagnostic LED

  • The DIAS has a useful LED that indicates the condition of the device
  • Red: Solenoid active, address 0
  • Orange: Solenoid active, address 1-127
  • Green: Path active, solenoid off


  • True A/C system not harmful to cable and joints
  • Operating voltage 19VAC-32Vac, 50 or 60 Hz
  • Idle current (typical) – 4.5mA
  • Holding current (2-way solenoid) – 30mA
  • Holding current (3-way solenoid) – 60mA
  • In-Rush current – 300-350mA
  • Maximum recommended active 2-way solenoids per 2-wire path – 16 (DIAS)
  • Maximum recommended active 3-way solenoids per 2-wire path – 10(DIAS)


  • Custom firmware for OEM systems
  • Station address limit as per translator
  • Compatible with other Tonick decoders on the same 2-wire path
  • Compatible with the Tonick range of sensor decoders for moisture, pressure, water level, flow and digital inputs

Specs 2 Way Actuator

  • Length: approx. 60mm (not including cables)
  • Diameter: 32mm
  • Fully potted to waterproof the electronics
  • 3⁄4” UNF20 thread

Specs 3 Way Actuator

  • Length: approx. 70mm (not including cables)
  • Diameter: 32mm
  • Fully potted to waterproof the electronics
  • 3⁄4” UNF20 thread, front
  • 1/8” BSP Female, water port thread, back


  • Type LiYi 0.75, AWG18/0.75mm2, PVC, 550mm length, Black, outer for 2-wire path connection.
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