The Emflux Aquagate module provides an integrated communications solution to allow users to collect flow and diagnostic data from remote Emflux 500 series flow meters.

The Aquagate card integrates seamlessly into the flow meter transmitter and operates from the remote solar or mains power supply.  Data can be sent direct to a customer SCADA system or to a web based data platform ENVAULT® to allow real time data access by operators or landholders.

The Aquagate provides the capability to perform a Remote Verification of flow meter performance without having to visit the remote sites.

General Applications

  • Integral “Smart Card” for 500 series flow transmitters.
  • River and Channel remote data collection.



  • 15-minute schedule updates for critical site parameters.
  • 24-hour schedule update for other site parameters.
  • Data accessible through ENVAULT® portal –
  • Telstra SIM and data included in ENVAULT®subscription fee.


  • Assess site performance in near real-time.
  • Compact size and low power consumption.
  • Ability to coexist with other telemetry systems on the same i500 or m500.
  • Remote verification of site health and calibration data.


  • • WS-UMB-LTE-3SP LTE multiband screw mount antenna, 3m RG174, SMA

  • • RFI CD7195-B Multiband High Gain 6.5DBI antenna

  • • Right angle SMA adaptor

  • GateMate NSW

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