GateKeeper Control Module

The Aquamonix GateKeeper Control Module is a rugged channel and pipeline management controller, suitable for industrial irrigation schemes in the harshest environments. Designed with direct consultation from our existing customers the GateKeeper Control Module is created to meet real installation requirement.

Independently control up to four gates from a single GateKeeper control module to maintain required flows, levels or gate positions.

The GateKeeper Control Module can be configured to work almost any actuated gate or valve and also allows for various power input options, allowing for mains or DC Solar system whatever the application there is a GateKeeper Solution to fit your needs.


  • Real-time remote supervision and management of gates, meters and other field devices
  • Control of up to four gates per controller
  • Gate Control PID Tuned to respond to control set point change.
  • Multiple control methods: Flow, Level, Gate Position
  • Multiple communication options: Radio, Cellular, Satellite, LoRa.
  • Multiple enclosure options
  • Real-Time Sensor Monitoring
  • Power Monitoring
  • Trash Rack Control
  • Web Ordering System
  • Scheduled irrigation requirements

Power Supply: 12-24VDC or 24VAC

Output Power: 12-24VDC or 24VAC

Digital Outputs: Max 3A current supply

Analogue Inputs: 4-20mA, loop powered of device powered

Digital Inputs: 4V up to 12mA designed for voltage free digital inputs

Pulse Inputs: support a minimum pulse width of 10ms and a maximum of 50 pulses per second

Frequency Inputs: supports a sine wave frequency range of 1 to 450Hz

Serial Ports: 232/485 selectable 15kV ESD Protected

Operating Temperature: -10-70°C

Compliance: RoHS Compliant

  • KwH Power Meter

  • Emflux Flowmeter

  • Ultrasonic Meter

  • IP Camera

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