M300 Electromagnetic Flowmeter

The M300 Electromagnetic Flowmeter is a 240VAC powered electromagnetic flow meter. The meter has been developed to meet requirements for accurate metering of slurries, water and other process liquids.

General Applications :

Electromagnetic flowmeters for the
accurate flow measurement of any
conductive fluid. Ideally suited to water
and waste water treatment plants,
mining and general industry.

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  • Uses the well proven electromagnetic method of measurement.
  • Typical flow accuracy better than ±0.5% of indicated flow rate.
  • Pipe-Not-Full function
  • Electrical Continuity check (Pipe-Half-Full function)
  • Optional 4-20mA output.
  • User configurable digital frequency and pulse outputs.
  • Ability to calibrate and operate flow tubes up to 1000mm in diameter.
  • Cable entry via glands with no moving parts.
  • Designed for outdoor environments.
  • Australian EMC compliance.


  • Diagnostics and flow tube test
  • Long history of service in various industries

Flow Velocity Range: 0.01 to 10.00 metres per second

Accuracy: Better than ±0.05% of indicated flow rate, or ±1mm/s.

Full Scale flow rate: Programmable

Low flow cutoff: Programmable

Flow channels: Flow rate

Totalised Channels:

Total volumetric flow

Totaliser units:

Litres, Kilolitres, Megalitres

Flow time units: Seconds

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