Bushfire Prevention Solutions

Bushfires are part of Australia's natural environment. They have shaped our landscapes, fauna, and flora for millions of years. Many of Australia’s native plants have evolved to thrive on fire and even require it to regenerate. Combine this with our changing climate and Australia will continue to see an increase in the frequency and intensity of bushfires leading to exponential impacts on lives, property, and the environment.

Improve your readiness and recovery from bushfires with our sophisticated range of fire prevention solutions. With systems that combine time-tested local knowledge with the responsiveness and reliability of global technologies, we can help you measure risks, manage events, and prevent tragedy.

Let’s build resilience, gain situational awareness and save lives together.

Our capabilities

We can help you measure fuel loads, monitor Forest Fire Danger Indices (FFDI), detect outbreaks, quantify emissions, and provide vital warnings to your communities.

Bushfire solutions

  • Bushfire detection cameras
  • Bushfire warning sirens
  • Bushfire weather stations
  • Air quality stations
  • Fuel and soil moisture probes