Magnetic Flow Meters

We supply and sell a range of magnetic and electromagnetic flowmeters Australia wide. Our magnetic flowmeters are made in-house by the Aquamonix team and are supplied to our partners across the country.

Our magnetic flow meter range includes the 2020 ABS-Body Magnetic flow meter, used with the I500 or M500 flow transmitters are perfectly suited to measure a wide variety of conductive process liquids. The 2060 steel-bodied magnetic flow meter detectors are built with the strength and security of steel with a tailor-built choice of either chemical or abrasive resistant liners.

We also stock the M300 magnetic flow meter, which is developed to meet the requirements to ensure the accuracy of the metering of slurries, water and other process liquids, and the M500 Magnetic Flowmeter was developed to meet the demanding requirements of environmental metering & monitoring, it can easily handle urban water applications and irrigation.

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