Remote Flood Cameras For Somerset Regional Council Qld

The Aquamonix team recently upgraded a network of remote flood cameras for Somerset Regional Council in Qld. The upgrades provide the following key outcomes for Council:

  • Futureproof communications to 4/5G Band28 (700MHz)
  • Provide real-time operator control of cameras during the flood event
  • Pre-configured images and setpoints with adjustable Pan, Tilt, and Zoom.
  • Remove risks and costs associated with an externally hosted third party system
  • Cameras automatically load images up the Council web site here:


Remote Camera

Aquamonix field team installing the remote camera at local flooded road crossings.


Council operators can control cameras and local residents can access the near-live images from Council web site.

Aquamonix - MunicipalMarket

Dean Taylor joins the team


Aquamonix achieves pattern approval once again!

Aquamonix Irrigation Modernisation team Hay PID

Gatekeeper delivers irrigation modernisation for Hay PID

FMA stand 1

Aquamonix showcases at the 2019 ”Floodplain Management Association” (FMA) national conference