Camera Analytics

Camera Analytics

At Aquamonix we are passionate about data, and the best way to enhance situational understanding is through visual intelligence. Our cameras offer clear and simple insights into dynamic environmental conditions.

Leveraging the power of ENVAULT, data, imagery, and video streams can be blended to provide a range of visualisation solutions that are perfect for enhancing situational awareness.

From sensitive environments (political and physical) to visual onsite verification, our ever-expanding image and video analytics toolset provides real-time contactless data acquisition.

Our capabilities

Our solutions combine the best of real-time edge processing, with the power of Amazons web services to offer a comprehensive range of options. This allows for a tailored approach to service existing cameras or standalone installations. All our offerings can be provided to stand alone on the edge or run as one in the cloud.

Aquamonix image and video analytics solutions can perform the following functions:

  • Contactless monitoring of water levels
  • Contactless monitoring water flow and discharge
  • Motion detection and boundary triggering
  • Object counting (people and vehicles)

We are the experts in robust and field proven camera solutions which are suitable for a variety of applications.