Predictive Irrigation

Predictive Irrigation

Measuring and predicting the weather has the capacity to help growers, governments, and industry grapple with the effects of mother nature. Accurate data can provide trusted early warnings, assist with harvesting, as well as contribute to long term planning.

Meteorological monitoring relies on robust designs and scientific understanding to withstand the harshest conditions and provide data that is valid and beyond reproach.

Aquamonix can help by providing irrigation control systems that deliver irrigation to the right locations at the right time.

Our capabilities

Our irrigation automation systems have the capability to design an optimum irrigation schedule allowing you to minimise water use and maximise community amenity and urban cooling benefits. We bring the power of local weather forecasts, soil moisture modelling, grass agronomy and existing network flow and irrigation data to deliver an optimum 7-day irrigation schedule.

There are two levels of sophistication we can offer:

  • Replace the moisture from the previous day. In the event of local rain, this will be negated.
  • Provide an optimal schedule using the BOM 7-day weather forecast

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