Web Data, Display & Analysis

GateKeeper CentralAquamonix is the leading provider of secure cloud based and local data management solutions.

Our Cloud service ENVAULT® features dedicated redundant servers in distributed data centres running high-end SCADA and time series database software, accessible through secure web pages, eliminating reliability, security and maintenance overheads.

Our locally hosted web server solutions provide highly secure critical data solutions to meet the specific needs of government agencies, mining, industry, and environmental regulators.

Aquamonix provides a complete “end to end” solution for the seamless integration of remote monitoring devices, data analysis, modelling, control and alarming.

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For more information on using ENVAULT® and learning how it can be integrated with your solution, please Contact Us!


  • Collect data from remote sites – anywhere at anytime
  • Compatible with a wide range of industry standard remote devices and telemetry systems
  • No fixed IP address requirements, no service provider restrictions or site bandwidth requirements
  • View data securely from any internet connected pc, laptop or handheld device.
  • Google Map, & Google Earth overlay
  • Graphical, tabular and mimic display dashboards
  • Analysis, modelling and simulation
  • Automated alarms via SMS and email
  • Custom reports and publishing tools
  • Suitable for use with any hydrographic, meteorological, environmental or other similar remote monitoring application
  • Log in & data retrieval can be tailored to suit a specific persons level of authority or even to enable third party company access
  • Fully featured interactive trending engine with dual axis dynamic trends, pan, zoom, ruler, multi-parameter and multi-station viewing capabilities
  • For power users, direct access to CIearSCADA is available online and can even act as a disaster recovery backup for critical systems

Solution Offerings

• Envault Envoy Measurement Solution
• Web Logger Data Sheet
• Web Data Portal Envault