Aquamonix to the rescue in regional Western Australia!

Valued Aquamonix customer Upton Irrigation recently issued the Perth team a keen challenge to build a PRO Series PivotMAX Control Panel complete with Cellular Connectivity and GPS modules out to their customer in under 24 hrs!

After a catastrophic failure of his original control panel, the customer had to get his machine back up and running as quickly as possible.

The ACS team pulled out all stops to get the unit built up, programmed and tested ready for installation and had the unit ready for collection by the customer at 11am the next day.

Once installed the panel was operating the customers Centre Pivot Irrigator with high accuracy with the Aquamonix precision GPS System. The Cellular connectivity features a long range antenna and allows the operator to access the PivotMAX PRO Control Panel via the Aquamonix IOS application or via a remote log in.

The PivotMAX Platform is powered by innovative RainMAN technology and can offer from reasonably basic control through to SCADA based system for large numbers of Centre Pivots.

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