Aquamonix upgrades early flood warning network for the Southern Downs Regional Council

Aquamonix were engaged to upgrade the early flood warning rainfall network for the Southern Downs Regional Council located in Warwick Qld.  The automatic rainfall gauges were located in remote areas of the catchment above Warwick to provide reporting of rainfall back to the local council and to the Burau of Meteorology (BoM) as it happens in real time.

The equipment installed is based on the BoM ALERT stations manufactured by ELPRO Technologies.  The sites were installed and commissioned in early January and are ready to provide early warning of flooding rains – just like thousands of other similar ELPRO ‘ALERT’ stations that have operated reliably through recent major flooding events in North Queensland.


• Australian made by ELPRO Technologies

• Remote solar powered stations

• Real time early flood warning

• ‘ALERT’ Reporting to BoM and council

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