Welcome Aboard Aquamonix Integrated Solutions!


You’ll notice we have been quiet on the news front for the last few months… that’s because we have been busy settling in with our latest addition to the Aquamonix family.

We are all very excited to announce the recent acquisition of Pentair Environmental Systems (Greenspan) Integrated Projects business.

November 1st 2016, marked the day that Aquamonix welcomed a team of new staff members, customers and suppliers to the fold.  The Pentair/Greenspan group are well known within the water industry for providing high quality water and environmental monitoring solutions to clients in a variety of markets including oil and gas, mining resources, flood warning and compliance monitoring.

With the main base in Brisbane, the group has celebrated success within Australian and international fields and have a great reputation for providing excellent customer service and solutions that really solve problems.

This is an exciting time for our business as we continue to develop and offer a wider range of capabilities that complement our Aussie made water monitoring, flow and control products.

The Aquamonix Integrated Projects (AIS) team will add a new dimension to our business through the provision of turnkey water and environmental monitoring solutions and integration expertise – all of which resonate with our core focus to Measure Monitor and Master.

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